The Power in Your Hands

In Chapter 4 of Exodus, God reveals His plan to save the Israelites from Egyptian bondage.

But Moses suffered from a severe speech impediment. So when God tells him to march into the palace, stand before the most powerful leader in all the land and order him to release millions of slaves, he’s (understandably) a little hesitant.

If you read the story, you’ll find that Moses’ response isn’t drawn from some deep reservoir of faith. He doesn’t feel good enough, talented enough or prepared enough for what the Lord is asking him to do. He asks God, 

“Hey, what in the world am I supposed to do if these people don’t believe me?!” 

Moses—the great ruler we all know and love—was downright terrified. Truth be told, he probably expected God to visit His heavenly warehouses and throw down some kind of miraculous tool he could use if the going got tough. But the Lord doesn’t do that. Instead, He asks Moses a simple question:

“What is that in thine hand?”
The answer? A rod.

On the surface, it wasn’t anything special—just the same old stick that Moses had used for years to herd his sheep… But that was the point!

God was telling Moses, “Look… I know this seems too big for you, but I’ve been preparing you for this your whole life. Everything you need has been in the palm of your hand this entire time.”

When all was said and done, that rod became one of the greatest symbols of God’s almighty power that the world has ever known.

You may look in the mirror and see yourself as small and insignificant. You may feel as though you have nothing to offer. But understand this: all God wants from you is what He has already placed in your hands. 

Your talents, gifts, and even your weaknesses combine to form a recipe for revival in whatever area He has chosen to place you.