Prayer Answered

For 17 years, Sis. Kim Handa prayed for a child of her own. 

After almost two decades of countless medical tests and a failed treatment, she and her husband nearly lost hope. But God wasn't finished writing their story.

In December of 2007, Ben and Kim Handa received the news they’d been waiting years to hear: they were going to have a baby boy!

“All the medical tests said no,” Sis. Kim recalls, “But God said yes.”

In the midst of all the excitement, however, the couple realized they weren't quite out of the woods yet. Nearly every visit to the doctor’s office seemed to bring bad news. The worst? Sis. Kim’s diagnosis of Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome, a serious autoimmune disorder which causes the body to attack its own cells.

“I was very high risk and had lots of complications,” she explains. “The tests during my pregnancy were never normal… The doctor said we wouldn't know anything until he was born.”

So Ben and Kim did the only thing they knew to do: the trusted in God. And, in the end, that trust paid off.

At a prayer meeting one night, Sis Kim was healed of APS. A few months later (on July 27th, 2008, to be exact), with 21 people anxiously awaiting his arrival, Charles Handa made his grand entrance into the world. And in the words of his mother, “He was perfect.”

It has been almost 7 years since that day, and little Charlie has grown into a very happy and healthy child. “He’s very tender-hearted,” Sis. Kim says. “He believes in prayer and He sees the good in people… He has changed our lives in the best way.”

Waiting on the Lord is never easy, but the Handa's prove a simple truth: the wait is always worth it.

“If it’s God’s will,” Sis. Kim says, “it will happen… In God’s time.”